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AIDOS Media è lo spazio dedicato al lavoro editoriale e di comunicazione dove trovare le pubblicazioni e la rassegna stampa. Trovate qui anche informazioni sul centro documentazione di AIDOS, archivio storico e punto di riferimento e consultazione sulle tematiche relative a donne e sviluppo.

Rassegna Stampa

Press Review

Press Review

Aidos’ press review is in Italian, here you can find all the national newspaper, press agency and magazine’s articles that have written about Aidos and its initiatives. Have a good reading!

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Centro Documentazione

La più ricca raccolta  sulla tematica “donne e sviluppo” disponibile in Italia


In 1989 we decided to give a systematic order not only to books and magazines, but to all the rich written and audio-visual materials collected around the world or coming from the many organisations and associations that have collaborated with us.

Thematic areas


Documents are organised by thematic areas that are closely linked to the activities of research, study, training, information and field projects implemented by AIDOS, namely:


  • Gender issues, women’s human rights and empowerment, including information work and establishing online documentation centres;
  • Reproductive health and rights, including violence against women and female genital mutilation;
  • Micro-enterprises and women’s participation to economic development;
  • Education and capacity building.


The collection of training materials on these issues is particularly rich.

Cataloguing and management systems

Documents are catalogued according to international reference standards and classified according to the chosen thematic areas. Processing of the material is managed with the UNESCO CDS ISIS information system in the Windows version.


The documentation materials, reduced in 2009 through the elimination of obsolete materials, consist of: specialized magazines analysed to identify articles relevant to the themes of the Association, monographs, magazine articles, grey literature, reference works and a collection of slides, photos and DVDs.


Consultation of the materials is reserved to AIDOS staff, members and supporters. It is possible to receive bibliographic information in accordance with the needs of the association.

For more information read the attached regulation