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We would like all organisations, whether public and private, belonging to the civil society or the business sector, to have the tools and skills to contribute to the promotion of women’s and girls’ rights. Gender equality is essential to create a development model that is sustainable.

Creating partnerships between actors from different sectors is always a challenge. Nonetheless, once the basis for an effective and collaborative relationship are laid, the diversity of methods, of approaches, of competencies and know-how makes it possible to tackle global issues in innovative ways – enabling processes and models that can address complex problems.

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The assets, expertise, resources and the role that businesses play in determining global socio-economic balances are opportunities for us to develop joint strategies and innovative interventions aimed at improving women’s and girls’ quality of life in Italy and in the world.

Each partnership proposal is contextualised on the basis of the specific Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pursued by the company. For this reason we are able to develop ad hoc interventions that take into account the needs and expectations of the company and that also meet the requirements of our ethical policy. Together, AIDOS and your company will increase the positive impact of their own actions.

What we can achieve together

There are several ways to collaborate with us:

  • Traditional entrepreneurial philanthropy, where the relationship between donor and organisation is personal and based on mutual esteem and trust.
  • Innovative models, which see corporate social responsibility (CSR) as the driving force of the collaboration, and include contextualised measurement of impact.

AIDOS can suggest interventions and programs based on the needs of your business. We have over 35 years of experience in four key areas for the protection of women’s rights:


If you think your company is interested to support our work and our commitment, please fill out the form below or send us an email to

We will contact you to get to know you and build together ways of collaboration capable of generating impact and wellbeing for all.

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