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Leave a bequest in your will and in memoriam donations

What remains beyond our time

Find out how to promote women’s rights through a bequest

Bequests that support the hundreds of thousands of women who benefit from our projects and actions allow you to leave a mark on other people’s lives. It is a choice that makes it possible for you to continue to take care of the world even when you no longer have the ability to physically do so. A gift that goes beyond our time.

Write to sostieni@aidos.it to find out what we can achieve thanks to your donation.

“With the patronage and the collaboration of the Italian National Council of Notaries”

In memoriam

Transforming a loss into an act of love is a gesture of solidarity that requires great courage. Through an in memoriam donation we remember a loved one by giving value to the lives of those who remain.

In these particular and delicate situations, AIDOS – upon request – produces a special letter of thanks for the family and friends of the person.

Write an e-mail to sostieni@aidos.it to get more information or ask for a special thank-you letter.