Mind the Gap. A guide to build a gender-inclusive educational environment | Aidos

This guide was produced as part of the project “Mind the Gap. Step up for gender equality“, coordinated by AIDOS (Italy) in collaboration with APF – Associaçao para Planeamento Familiar (Portugal), END FGM European Network (based in Belgium and operating at European level) and Médicos del Mundo (Spain), with the aim of addressing gender stereotypes.
The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggest that educational contexts are ideal spaces to break down gender stereotypes at an early stage. Non-gender equitable textbooks and teachers’ attitudes have an impact on students’ career choices and employment opportunities. However, in many EU countries government commitments, guidelines and recommendations to promote gender equality in education have yet to be fully applied and school personnel lacks training.
This guide is addressed to teachers of primary and secondary schools, educators of non-formal systems and university students of Pedagogical, Educational and Instructional Science. It aims at providing them with a set of useful tools to be used when working with young people in order to promote gender equality, prevent gender-based violence, enhance the capacity of students to explore their full potential, and build an inclusive and equitable educational environment for all. The handbook is accompanied by the deck of cards “Living in Equality”, that is meant to enable educators and adults in general to nurture tangible equality between children be it in the distribution of everyday household chores, or in the way free time is used. Aimed at children aged three and upwards, the illustrations make it fun and easy for children to identify the actions portrayed on the cards.

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