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The Gender ABC education programme has been developed in 2018/2019 in the framework of the “Gender ABC” project, implemented by the End FGM European Network (coordinator), AIDOS (Italy), APF (Portugal), Médicos del Mundo (Spain) and TERRE DES FEMMES (Germany) and cofunded by the European Union. The programme includes  6 modules for primary school, 12 modules for secondary school and 3 supporting documents  for the implementation of the activities  provided by the partner organizations. By designing and delivering these modules in schools, the project aims at building trust among classmates, promoting healthy relationships within and outside the class and fostering young people’s understanding of the patriarchal structures,  unequal distribution of power between men and women,   gender stereotypes and social norms reinforcing gender-based violence (GBV). The Educational Modules are tools for educators, teachers and any other professional working with children and teenagers, involving the participants in a process of attitudinal change,  group learning and active acquisition of skills.



First edition 2019

Copyright End FGM European Network, Belgium (Brussels)

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ALL MODULES ARE AVAILABLE IN  Portuguese, German, Spanish, Basque, Italian



01 Risk Assessment

02 General Methodology

03 General Glossary



01 Body Safety / Female Genital Mutilation

02 Empowerment and Communication

03 Gender Based Violence

04 Gender Social Norms and Stereotypes

05 Human Rights and Children’s Rights

06 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity



01 Cyber Violence

02 Early Forced Marriage

03 Empowerment and Communication

04 Female Genital Mutilation

05 Gender Based Violence

06 Gender Social Norms and Stereotypes

07 Group Building

08 Human Rights and Children’s Rights

09 Intimate Partner Violence

10 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

12 Sexual Violence