An integrated holistic approach to women’s sexual and reproductive health. AIDOS experience in the Middle East and its methodological tools | Aidos

The publication illustrates the approach and methodology adopted by AIDOS in the creation of women’s health centers and the services offered by the Centers themselves. From 1994 to 2007 AIDOS created eight Centers in seven different countries (Argentina, Palestine, Nepal, Venezuela, Jordan, Burkina Faso and Syria). In particular, the projects in Jordan and Syria have strengthened existing centers by transforming them into Centers for sexual and reproductive health with a holistic / integrated approach and the expansion of the services offered, ranging from medical specialties like gynecology, obstetrics and family planning to psychological and legal counselling in cases of domestic violence, to health education seminars on nutrition, hygiene, adolescence and sexuality, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and more.

This toolkit aims to share this experience with other actors to strengthen the capacities of government institutions and non-governmental organizations working in the reproductive health sector to plan, design and implement activities with an integrated and holistic approach and with innovative skills. The different chapters focus on: the holistic and integrated approach adopted by AIDOS; the services offered by the Women’s Health Centers;  the training methodology;  the analysis and sustainability of the Center in Jordan; the monitoring and evaluation system.

Edited by Paola Cirillo

Roma, AIDOS, 2007

This publication has been financed by the World Bank within the project: “Development of a methodological toolkit for the introduction of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services in existing family planning and mother and child health centers in the Middle East”.

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