Webinar: Female Genital Mutilation and Migration | Aidos

May 19 at 11.00

Webinar: Female Genital Mutilation and Migration

Here you will find the recording of the webinar for those who want to see it again and for those who have not been able to follow.
The webinar is in Italian.

Female Genital Mutilation is a form of gender-based violence that also involves part of the girls and women who migrate and/or seek asylum in Italy. In the webinar, we will face, through a multidisciplinary and intercultural perspective, how to work with women and girls who survived FGM in the context of forced migration. Through the work of the European EndFGM Network and the experience of the team of SaMiFo – Health Center for Forced Migrants, the webinar will be an opportunity to share knowledge and experience in the field.

Speakers include:

Chiara Cosentino: Head of Policy & Advocacy of End FGM European Network
Rossella Carnevali: SaMiFo Psychiatrist
Maria Guerra: SaMiFo Psychologist
Giulia Marras: SaMiFo Midwife
Silvana Patricelli: SaMiFo Gynecologist

Moderator and coordinate the work: Clara Caldera, AIDOS project manager