Promoting women-led small-scale enterprises. Practices and lessons from business incubators and support centres in developing countries | Aidos

2012 – Economic Empowerment

AIDOS and its partners – with the support of IFAD and other international donors – have worked since 1995 with local communities and organisations in the Middle East, Africa and Asia to design, test and implement innovative models of business incubation that foster female entrepreneurship through a holistic and inclusive approach. Thanks to this process, village-based ‘virtual business incubators’ (VBIs) and business support centres have been established in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Tanzania and Nepal, to provide local women with better access to tailored business development, to help them develop new products and services, to facilitate their access to enterprise finance and to connect them more effectively to the relevant markets. This publication was designed with the aim of documenting, explaining and disseminating this particular model for the promotion of female entrepreneurship

Authors: Alessandra Lustrati; Paola Cirillo; Valentina Sommacal. Editor: Alessandra Lustrati.
Publisher: AIDOS – Associazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo
Date of publication: 2012

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