BURKINA FASO – Social reintegration of girls who got out of prostitution in Burkina Faso

Photo by Francesco Cocco

2020-2021 – Child protection / Defeating violence

Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Association KEOOGO

There are approximately more than 1.500 girls who live on the streets in Ouagadougou. Often, they were kicked out from their home because of a pregnancy out of wedlock or they fled due to acts of violence by family members. Some of them look for a job in the city, usually as housewives. They are frequently abused by their employers and are fired if they get pregnant. For many of them, the only way to survive remains prostitution which involves exploitation, violence, exposure to HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Half of these girls are mothers.
For them and their children there are only 3 reception centers in Ouagadougou that offer basic services, generally at the time of childbirth, and they don’t provide activities for the children.
The local organization Keoogo offers medical treatments in its medical center to girls who are victims of sexual exploitation and in 2019 it created a reception center that will offer shelter to 36 girls who got out of prostitution and to their children.


General goal
Promote social reintegration of girls who have got out of prostitution through psychological support, outreach, reception and acceptance of them and their children. The goal will be achieved by strengthening the capabilities of Keoogo’s operators and of other Ouagadougou’s facilities.

Specific goals
Strengthening outreach activities, reception and care of girls and children.
The Keoogo team will conduct outreach activities (medical treatments, spreading awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, psychological treatment, etc.) addressing girls, victims of abuse and violence, of exploitation for the purpose of prostitution, who ended up on the streets and need psycho-social support and protection.
100 girls who need a more substantial care will be hosted in the medical center and in the reception center and will receive medical and health care, temporary reception, meals and psychosocial support (psychological care, family mediation, help in obtaining legal documents). The beneficiary girls and the staff of the centers will receive material and information for the prevention and protection from COVID-19. The center has a kindergarten for children, so that they can play in a safe environment and participate to a pre-school course.

Strengthening the abilities of the Keoogo team to treat the psychological side of the girls.
The psychologists and the multidisciplinary team of Keoogo will follow a distance-virtual training course on treating people who are victims or survivors of violence and sexual exploitation. The course, held by a professional international psychologist, will provide practical tools for psychological support, including the creation of self-help groups and activities aimed at promoting resilience, overcoming traumatic experiences, and at developing the girls’ ability to live more peacefully parenting and taking care of their children. If necessary, the multidisciplinary team will ask the support of local experts.

Direct: 136 girls; 186 children; 10 psychologists.
Indirect: the staff of the medical and reception centers and the whole Keoogo team; families and communities of the girls involved in the project.

12 months (June 1st 2020 – May 31st 2021).

€ 53.668,00.

Waldensian Church, 8×1000 (75% of the total cost)