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Placing Gender back at the centre of Global Health and Development Policies

High Level Parliamentary Consultation


The Covid 19 pandemic has thrust global health onto the forefront of all global international processes, including the Italian Presidency of the G20 which started in December 2020 and will culminate in a G20 Summit on 30-31 October 2021.
In this framework, the Italian All-Party Parliamentary Group in collaboration with AIDOS, EPF and GPA, under the auspices of the Italian G20 Presidency, of the Chamber of Deputies and in partnership with UN agencies is delighted to invite you to attend the High-Level Parliamentary Consultation (HLPC) on “Placing Gender back at the centre of Global Health and Development Policies”.
As champions of sexual and reproductive health and rights, we greatly value your input and would be honoured if you could join us.

When: The HLPC will consist of two 90-minute webinars on Tuesday 22 June and Friday 25 June 2021, 15:00 – 16:30 CEST

Where: YouTube


Here is the YouTube link for session two and three – June 25  (Global Health and Sustainable Development)


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The Italian G20 Presidency has focused on three interconnected pillars: People, Planet and Prosperity.

Pandemics and humanitarian emergencies have a gendered impact in that they exacerbate vulnerabilities and pre-existing discrimination with harmful consequences for women’s health and rights, especially in sexual and reproductive rights. Covid 19 highlights the need to develop approaches that take into account the interdependence across sectors and countries as stated in the 2030 Agenda and which uphold and protect gender equality.

The aim of the High-Level Parliamentary Consultation is to bring Parliamentarians from all countries, specifically G20 and partner countries, together to jointly strategise how women and girls can be at the heart of future recovery plans. The outcome of the HLPC will be a final document addressed to the Italian G20 Presidency leadership specifically addressing:

Session 1: Women’s rights. The pandemic risks rolling back decades of progress on gender equality. In many cases, the containment policies adopted, the restrictions, and the discontinuation of programmes have precipitated a degradation of women’s rights. What can Parliamentarians do to undo the damage that was done? What policies should be supported?

Session 2: Global health. The Covid 19 pandemic has brought attention to global health as a common good. A number of recent initiatives such as Act- A, Covax and C -Tap can make a significant contribution to overcoming the pandemic and preparing for future health emergencies. How can Governments ensure that initiatives integrate SRHR, including FP, in the fight against HPV and GBV?

Session 3: Sustainable Development. COVID-19 could lead to a lost decade for sustainable development because, in the near term, the pandemic has increased the existing disparity between countries. In fact, some lack the necessary financial resources to combat the COVID-19 crisis and its socioeconomic impact. Medium-term risks are compounded by growing systemic risks that threaten to further derail progress in some sectors. What can the Parliamentarians do to increase funds for development cooperation in such a challenging climate?