“Global health as a common good: recommendations for the Italian G7” | Aidos

In light of the Italian Presidency of the G7 in 2024, a debate was held today in the Senate among different actors on the importance of guaranteeing the right to health for everyone, everywhere. This topic is closely linked to next year’s G7 agenda, especially regarding the attention to the African continent, made explicit by the Italian government.


Access to high-quality healthcare is a key element of the welfare system that Italy and the European Union should strengthen to contribute to the growth of African countries, guaranteeing universal health coverage (UHC) at the same time.


Speakers attending the meeting: Senator Alessandro Alfieri, Senator Sandra Zampa, Senator Stefania Craxi, Françoise Vanni External Relations and Communication Division of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, Monica Ferro, UNFPA United Nations Fund for the population and Stefania Burbo, focal point of the Italian Global Health Network.