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What is the “Global Health and Women’s Rights” All-Party Parliamentary Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Working Group “Global Health and Women’s Rights” promotes the Italian and International Agenda on development cooperation in the areas of global health, sexual and reproductive health and women’s rights. The Group, open to all political forces, carries out constant monitoring of the implementation of the commitments undertaken by the Italian government, as well as actions that stimulate the allocation of resources, in order to increase the quantity but also the quality of development aid for women’s health and rights, which are still not always guaranteed today.

The Group is part of the European Parliamentary Forum (EPF) which gather parliamentarians from all over Europe committed to protecting global health and, especially, sexual and reproductive health both in their respective countries and abroad and to protecting women’s rights. With a specific reference to the Action Program of the Conference on Population and Development in Cairo (1994), the Action Platform of the Conference on Women in Beijing (1995) and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Group composition:

Chamber of deputies:
Laura Boldrini, Chiara Braga, Chiara Gribaudo, Lia Quartapelle Procopio

Susanna Camusso, Valeria Valente, Ylenia Zambito, Sandra Zampa



The technical secretariat of the Group is entrusted to AIDOS

You can find here (on the Italian page) some of the most relevant actions of the Italian Parliamentary Working Group