Aidos launches first national Contraception Atlas | Aidos

ROME – In the European Contraception Atlas of 2019, Italy ranked 26th out of 46 countries.

AIDOS has decided to take a further step forward on the Atlas and create its own regional contraception atlas for Italy, launched today.

The Italian Atlas highlights huge regional discrepancies with the north which generally has better access than the south, in part because of the decentralized political system. Except for Puglia which reaches the third position with the regional law to facilitate the access of young people to contraception

Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary at the Italian Ministry of Health, attended the launch and said: “With Italy’s discrepancies in accessing contraceptive supplies, you would think you are in different countries. Gender medicine is an unacceptable phenomenon in our country. SRHR is a fundamental human right and we must do everything we can to provide this right to people. ”

Marina Davidashvili of EPF, presented the European Atlas to participants, highlighting the need to provide accurate information and contraceptive supplies to everyone in Europe, regardless of location or situation.

The Italian Atlas is the result of research that takes planned parenthood centers as their unit of analysis, analyzing access to contraception in the various Italian regions, verifying the availability of information, and the offer of contraceptive methods.

The presentation was attended by:
Sara Picchi, AIDOS researcher
Marina Toschi, PRO-CHOICE Network
Serena Donati, ISS – Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Marina Davidashvili, EPF – European Parliamentary Forum
Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary – Ministry of Health
The conference was coordinated by Maria Grazia Panunzi – President of AIDOS



Download the Materials in Italian