Afro-Arab Expert Consultation on Legal Tools for the Prevention of Female Genital Mutiulation. Cairo, 21-23 June 2003 | Aidos

This publication contains the proceedings of the Afro-Arab Expert Consultation on legislative measures as a tool to support the prevention of FGM, held  in Cairo from  21 to 23 June 2003,  organized by AIDOS, No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) and the Egyptian Society for the Prevention of Harmful Practices (ESPHP), in the framework of the STOP FGM  Campaign. The Consultation aimed to define methods and strategies for more effective legislation for the prevention of female genital mutilation. Participants in the Expert Consultation included governments’ representatives and nongovernmental organizations from all the twenty-eight African and Arab countries in which female genital mutilation is still practiced. The meeting also involved jurists and experts, representatives of the United Nations’ agencies, and of the African Committees against traditional practices harmful to the health of women and children.

Rome, 2003, 145 p.

Cairo Proceedings