28 September International Safe Abortion Day – Chamber of Deputies Press Conference | Aidos

Abortion and the right to health:

appeal to the Italian Ministry of Health and Parliament

for the implementation of the recent WHO guidelines


A network of pro-choice organizations presents a joint appeal with the #IVGsenzaMA campaign and the publication of a “Practical guide to your free and informed abortion.


Rome, 28 September 2023, 10.00 am

Press room of the Chamber of Deputies entrance from via della Missione 8



ROME An appeal to ask that Italy implement the World Health Organization guidelines on abortion, so that the rights and health of women and pregnant people are protected. It is the document that will be presented on Thursday 28th September in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies, the result of the cooperation of an unprecedented team that sees associations committed to the issue of sexual and reproductive rights united with others committed to LGBTQ+ rights, secularism, human rights, on the promotion of feminist policies.Among the supporting organizations there are Associazione Luca Coscioni, Agedo, Aidos, Amnesty International Italia and Arcigay Rete Trans* Nazionale, Civilità Laica, Laiga, Period Think Thank, Pro-choice Italian network for contraception and abortion, Objection rejected, Ru2020, Se not now when? Turin, Uaar, Udi.


The most recent edition of the WHO Abortion care guidelines was released in 2022. Based on the most up-to-date scientific literature, the document brings together over 50 recommendations spanning from clinical practice, health service delivery and legal and policy interventions to support a quality abortion care. WHO updates it periodically with the aim of protecting the health of women, girls and pregnant people and helping to prevent over 25 million unsafe and clandestine abortions that currently occur every year around the world: if carried out as outlined, abortion is a simple and safe health intervention.


The signatory organizations ask the Ministry of Health to implement the WHO Abortion care guidelines by 2023, and for Parliament to verify their positive outcome and effective application, detailing the requests in a series of specific points which will be illustrated at the conference press.


On 28th September, International Day for a Safe, Free and ChargeFree Abortion, the #IVGsenzaMA campaign will also be presented, which will continue throughout the month of October announcing the publication of a manual that will offer solutions based on legal and medical standpoints to the problems and obstacles that are encountered daily on the abortion path. A useful tool for those who engage in activism, for those who intend to have an abortion, are doing it or have done it.