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MOROCCO – AICHA. Living together free from violence in a fair society for all

Violence against women

Morocco​. Béni Mellal – Khénifra Region

Coordinator: ProgettoMondo
Partner: AIDOS​, Association Qualification de Jeunes (AQJ)​, Collectif Civil pour la Défense des Droits des Femmes (CCDDF)​.

Strengthen the commitment of civil society organizations (CSOs) and young activists in the Beni Mellal-Khénifra Region against Gender Based Violence (GBV) within the framework of promoting a culture of equality

Strengthen the capacity of CSOs and young activists to act as actors for good governance and development in the following areas:​

  • Prevention and awareness of GVI in the region ;​
  • Protection and access to services of girls/women at risk/survivors of violence in the region ​


  • Research on gender stereotypes, violence against women and gender equality in the regio
  • Capacity building of CSOs and young women activists
  • Prevention of violence against girls/women and protection of survivors in formal and informal educational settings and in the media through:​
  • Creation of a system of identification, awareness and referral to assistance structures;​
  • Awareness-raising activities for the prevention of violence against girls and women;​
  • Activities to offer multidisciplinary assistance services to girls/women who have survived violence;​
  • Advocacy activities with regional authorities for the effective implementation of protocols and services for the management of GBV survivors.



Direct beneficiaries

  • 80 workers/persons from 12 CSOs and 14 NAJAH schools/recreation centers/clubs/associations, including parent and teacher associations trained and informed
  • 15 young activists trained and sensitized
  • 3,500 people (especially girls and young people) in the 12 CSOs and in the 14 schools/recreational centers sensitized and informed ​
  • Girls and women survivors of gender-based violence:​
  • 1,750 girls and women in the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region access information and develop greater awareness ​
  • 75 girls and women who survived GBV access integrated management services
  • 40 representatives of local authorities involved and sensitized

Indirect beneficiaries: resident families – about 300,000 people – will benefit from the effects of the activities carried out, leading to a more fair and less violent society towards girls and women.​


01/03/23 – 31/03/25 (24 months)

Total cost: € 374.801,00
AIDOS Budget: € 80.057,40

European Commission, EuropeAid call (90%)

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